American Hartford Gold Group

For those investors who are looking into gold IRAs as a financial vehicle, the American Hartford Gold Group is probably a familiar name. The company offers many of the usual array of services usually found with this type of IRA, so it’s definitely worth investigating. The typical consensus in any American Hartford Gold Group review for a gold IRA is that it’s a good option.

Account Setup

The process is certainly simple enough—it starts by completing the paperwork for a self-directed IRA, then having a product specialist walk you through the process. Funds can be transferred via a rollover, and the American Hartford Gold Group offers a variety of precious metal IRAs, including, the traditional 401(K), the Roth IRA and the 403(B).

After the gold IRA is funded, an account executive provides directions and advice on how to buy your precious metals. The options include gold, platinum, silver and palladium. The group recommends hanging onto these precious metals for 5-10 years, but you also have the option to cash out or take possession of them.

The array of coins and metals the group makes available is impressive. It includes gold bars, American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins and silver bars.


The lack of add-on costs is a plus as well. There are no charges to set up a gold IRA or do a rollover to get into one, and shipping metals to the depository is free as well. It also includes insurance and tracking costs.

There is no list of fees for account maintenance listed on the firm’s website, although they are usually waived for at least three years depending on how big the IRA is, and there is no minimum contribution amount.

The precious metals are stored in an IRS-approved depository, with the average cost of this being approximately $75 a year.

The Website

The gold IRA information provided by the American Hartford Gold Group is considered excellent. It includes expert analysis, fact sheets, news articles, pricing charts and other analogous information. The FAQ Q&A was especially useful, too. It answers questions about performance, possible tax advantages and the ins and outs of whether to take distribution on your gold IRA.


The final element of any American Hartford Gold Group review is complaints, and the company fared well in this area, too. All of the appropriate business groups gave the company a high rating, and the customer reviews were uniformly excellent.


In short, American Hartford Gold Group represents an excellent option for your gold IRA, so if you’re doing your homework you should definitely put them on your list of companies to research.


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