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For beginners searching for IRA Gold Rollover companies, it’s already apparent that there are huge numbers of custodians right now that you can choose from. In other words, you will definitely find a company that can help you rollover your IRA account into precious metals. However, the question whether you will find the right company that fit your needs will be a question mark. Just recently, I’ve decided that the only way to understand the individual characteristics of such companies is to have a comprehensive study on each one. We’ve already started with some companies, for this post we’ll have the “Birch Gold Group Review“.

Birch Gold Group Review

The Birch Gold Group was founded in January 2003 (as mentioned in BBB), with headquarters located at W Olive Avenue in Burbank, California. The company prides itself on the slogan, “The Birch Difference”.

However, looking at their official website, they didn’t mention their history, company profile and company leadership. In fact, they didn’t even have an “About Us” page on their website– only providing Contact page, Blog, “Birch Difference” page (general description of their services), and several information pages/resources about the precious metals.

They do provide a free investment kit after you enter your e-mail. In addition, they openly splashed two phone interviews on their front page slider, interviews done by their staff Rachel Mills– with author Jim Rogers and Congressman Ron Paul.

Opening an IRA Gold Account and Fees

Birch Gold openly gave information about their fees, in which they charge $160 for the annual storage fee of Gold IRA– a fee to safely store the gold of the client at a Federal approved location, for them which is the Delaware Depository.

For those asking about their minimum investment, the amount is set at $10,000– which most people consider to be quite high. The company said that they can finish the gold IRA transfer in 1 week, with an additional $90 set-up fee. (Which other companies doesn’t have)

Consumer ratings and feedback

The Birch Gold Group currently has an A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau), after being accredited in November 2011. They do have a clean record, with “zero complaints” for three years.

BCA or Business Consumer Alliance gave Birch Gold Group a perfect AAA score rating, also with a “clean record”, no complaints in the last three years ever since they were accredited on October 2011.

TrustLink, another business rating entity, gave Birch Gold a perfect 5 star rating, with 27 positive reviews from some of their clients. Yelp on the other hand, also had Birch with 5 stars, with one reviewer sharing an incredibly satisfying experience. In addition, Birch also had 5 stars from Yellow Pages with seven positive reviews, with one client affirming about a great customer service.

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