Common Types of Gold IRA Coins?

We sometimes get questions asking about Gold IRA coins, most notably about the most common types of Gold Coins and the which ones to buy for long term investing. Certain IRA gold rollover companies often offer two kinds of gold (in its physical form). These are the gold bullion and gold coins. However, if you will add either to your retirement account or IRA fund, there will be certain regulations and rules that you need to follow. Moving or transferring your funds into gold rollover coins is simple. Call IRA gold companies like Regal Assets if you like to get started in owning a physical gold like Gold IRA coins. For the meantime, let’s look at five of the most popular Gold IRA coins in the market.

Gold American Eagle

One of the most common gold coins today, the production of the American Eagle gold coins started in 1986, after President Ronal Reagan signed the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. It features Lady Liberty, sun rays, torch and olive branch with the US Capitol Building at the background. The other side features Miley Busiek’s sculpture of the male American Eagle holding an olive branch joining a family on his nest.

Gold American Buffalo

Designed from the first nickel coin in 1913, the Gold Buffalo features a portrait of an American Indian (said to be a composite of three chiefs from three different American Indian tribes), the date and the word ‘Liberty’ on the right edge. The other side of the coin has the American Bison (called a Buffalo in North America for many years), the words ‘In God we trust’ and the stamp of the gold coin.

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

Issued annually by the Royal Canadian Mint, the first mint is in 1979 with 99.9% purity. It features Queen Elizabeth II on one side (with coin stamp, date) and the maple leaf on the other. The Canadian Maple Leaf is one of the most in demand and most popular Gold coins around the world. Special editions has been produced some of which in the possession of Queen Elizabeth II and Royal Families in the Middle East.

Gold Vienna Philharmonic

First minted in 1989 by Austrian Mint, these are 99.99% purity of 24 karat gold. It features the well known Vienna’s Golden Concert Hall on side of the coin and a group of musical instruments on the other. There were estimated to be around 8.2 million Vienna Philharmonic coins from 1989 and 2004.

Gold Australian Nugget

More popularly known as the ‘Gold Kangaroo’, this coin is minted by the Perth Mint first introduced in 1986. It features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on one side and the ‘red kangaroo’ on the other.

The true value of Gold Bullion coins depend the present spot price of gold in the market, often times, making the face value not relevant. Sometimes, it can be even as high as 10,000 greater than the face value seen at the coin.