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Given the growing popularity of gold IRAs, there are many companies vying for your investment dollars. Should Rosland Capital be one of them? The reviews say be careful. The typical Rosland Capital review is positive about the basic services the company provides, although there are some in which Rosland falls short of the typical market standards. The real issue, though, is the customer complaints. To find out whether those are legitimate or not, let’s take a deeper dive into what Rosland does and look into some of the details.

Company Overview

The basic information seems solid. Rosland does answer the usual question about gold IRAs—how they work, how to start one, why they’re a good investment vehicle and so on. And the company does have specialists who can guide you through the process and make sure you’re compliant with IRS rules.

The issues start with the precious metals themselves. You can buy gold and silver coins, and the company also sells platinum bars as well. The company also claims to sell palladium, but there was no option for this metal on Rosland’s product selection menu.

Moreover, Rosland also sells what it calls “Limited Edition Exclusive Coins” that are associated with specific events. These include a Formula 1 racing coins and a PGA Tour British Museum Masterpiece Collection, among others. Most investment companies would categorize these items as collectibles with a value that seems largely speculative, so finding them listed with gold IRA products seems odd indeed.


The issue of fees was also cited in some reviews of Rosland Capital. The company charges $50 to set up your gold IRA, but there are other companies that do this for free. There’s also an annual administration fee of $225, but its hard to tell if that fee includes secure storage, which is essential.

Normally storage is a separate charge that averages $75 a year, so not being able to verify this cost is another potential cost issue that investors should know about.

The company also requires a minimum investment of $10,000 to start a gold IRA, which is very high compared to many companies. There are some that require no minimum investment, so its important to be aware of this when you go to open your gold IRA.


Finally, let’s take a closer look at the reviews. The biggest black mark comes with the Better Business Bureau, which does give Rosland Capital an A+ rating. But the average cumulative score of the reviews is 1.25 stars out of a possible five, and some of the Trustlink reviews are negative as well.


In short, Rosland Capital may be worth considering if you like something about what the company offers, but the company’s shortcomings should be carefully considered and evaluated as well.


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