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In this post, we’ll be looking on an IRA Gold rollover custodian who described their company as “a premier authority in precious metals and rare coins investment”. Our Blanchard Gold Review will take us on what the company has to offer, their profile, their consumer feedback, and rating– then we’ll give our overall impression on Blanchard & Company Inc.

Blanchard Gold Review

This custodian is registered as Blanchard & Company Inc. and founded in 1975, one of the oldest gold rollover company we have reviewed so far. According to their profile, they have around 450,000 customers (as of 2013), with over $1 billion completed sales in the last 3 years. The company claim to have owned and then sold more than half of the published “100 Important U.S. coins”. The company currently has around 85 employees, a lean staff despite being around for more than 40 years. Their headquarters is located in New Orleans, with another office located in Dallas.

The history of Blanchard goes way back to 1971, when Jim Blanchard started a ‘nationwide grassroots movement’. Back in the day, private citizens are not allowed to own gold, as signed into law by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Blanchard spearheaded the campaign “to legalize gold ownership” saying “it is the core individual right and one of the keys to prosperity”– which led for him to found National Committee on the Legalization of Gold.

He had a series of meetings with President Nixon in 1971-1973, even daring authorities to arrest him for his movement to legalize gold ownership. In 1974, President Ford signed into law the legal private ownership of gold– which led for Blanchard to open his investment firm in New Orleans, Louisiana– Blanchard & Company Inc. In 1988, Donald Doyle replaces Jim Blanchard as CEO of the company.

Company Profile

The company has a very detailed and complete presentation in terms of its company overview, history, numismatic experience (coin acquisition), leadership team and media relations. Blanchard & Company showed everything in a professional manner (can be seen on their site) — everything that need to be known in a company– an important aspect when opening an IRA Gold Rollover account.

In addition, Blanchard offers a “buy back guarantee” where they will buy any tangible asset that you will decide to sell. According to their policy, “you can sell back the precious metals you purchased from them”, at any time, at the current price of that asset.

The company is also a member of major precious metals institutions that include American Numismatic Association, Certified Acceptance Corporation (coin certification), Professional Coin Grade Service and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

Ratings and Feedback

Blanchard & Company holds an A+ rating from BBB, having been accredited since September 1982. In the last 3 years, it has 14 closed complaints, 1 closed in the last 12 months. In TrustLink and Business Consumer Alliance, Blanchard still doesn’t have a rating and feedback as of this writing.

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