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If you’re one of the many potential investors interested in gold IRAs a short- or long-term vehicle, you’ve probably either considered or noticed Advantage Gold as a possible choice to start and handle your gold IRA. They’re a worthwhile option. The majority of the Gold Advantage reviews are positive, and the company is an intriguing up-and-comer in this fast-growing investment corner.

Company Profile

Start with the basics. Advantage Gold first started doing business in 2014, and they’re based in Los Angeles, California. Advantage Gold specialises in gold IRAs, and they definitely have a lot to offer. The typical Gold Advantage review starts with a mention of the company’s strength when it comes to educating their customer. The company makes sure that both existing and potential customers know both the basics and the details of gold IRAs, so they can definitely save you a lot of time.

What we liked about Advantage Gold

One particular education strength of Advantage Gold pertains to the tax implications. Many companies aren’t savvy to the specifics of taxes when it comes to gold IRAs, but Advantage Gold knows how to steer their customers around any fees or taxes that may accumulate over time.

The quality of the service is a plus as well. Once again, many companies use pushy sales tactics to entice potential investors, and they also withhold information about extra fees and charges.

Their gold IRA experts are happy to answer any and all questions, plus they take a professional approach to making sales and providing all necessary information.

The proof is in the pudding, though, so it’s important to review the products Advantage Gold offers. Fortunately, the company has a full array of financial products, so if you do choose this company you’ll know everything you need to know about how to purchase a gold IRA or convert your existing IRA into its precious metal equivalent. These offerings include a full array of coins that are approved by the IRS, so you’ll have the comfort of knowing your gold IRA is good to go with government regulators, too.

Finally, Advantage Gold also offers a convenient and fair buy back program, so if you change your mind and decide to take a different course with your retirement funds, you’ll have the necessary options with this company.


Every company comes with trade offs, though, and with Advantage Gold the chief trade off is longevity. The company is new to the market, and as a result they tend to have fewer customer reviews than a lot of the established financial institutions. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least consider Advantage Gold, though. Given the number of strengths that fall into the positive category, it’s well worth taking the time to look them up.


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