Oxford Gold Group

If you plan to invest in this kind of business, particularly in this company, you must be well-informed and knowledgeable enough about their reputation. This will help you in coming to a decision and the matter of giving your trust.

The Customer Service

The Oxford Gold Group has worked with thousands of clients who purchase precious metals. It has been an indeed reputable business that offers gold and precious metal investment services to customers nationwide. Clients can find their office in Los Angeles, California, and they are known as specialists of gold IRAs or precious metals. It acts as an investment firm that offers gold and precious metals savings accounts in a more specific context. According to the company’s core values, customer service is their priority. Oxford Gold Group has been in business for four years since it was founded in 2017.

Oxford Gold Group was not in any way lying when they said that they prioritize customer service. Their sales rep and staffs play a significant role in the company’s good reputation. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and truthful. If you are new about this business and appear to be so clueless, the sales rep is very patient and helpful to make you understand the concept and everything essential that you have to know about them and the investment. They give attention and emphasis to details, even the small ones.

Another commendable thing about their customer service is that they will not pressure you. They don’t make you feel forced to agree with their statements. As much as possible, they make you feel comfortable and at ease as they wait for your decision. Instead of rushing or pushing you into making an instant decision, what they do is guide you and ensure that you are well-educated before concluding. They are also truthful and honest about everything.

World-Class Products

Oxford Gold Group offers excellent quality products. People who transacted with them never regret availing. They give you the service and products they promised you that would meet your expectations just right. If you are really into metals and coins, none of their products or services is disappointing.

Shipping and Delivery

In general, the shipment and delivery of Oxford Gold Group are good. However, there were certain instances where their shipment and delivery took too long to be processed and done. If Oxford Gold Group were to receive a bad review, it must have been for this reason. However, this does not happen very often. There were just really some unfortunate times when this has to happen, which makes the customers nowhere near satisfied.

Oxford Gold Group truly lives with its good reputation. Their services remain satisfying and trustworthy. It is an excellent company to choose if you are interested in investing in or buying precious metals and gold IRAs. After all, it is managed by partners with long-time expertise in this type of business. It is a reputable company that gives good services and shows consistency throughout its years in the industry.

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