The Gold IRA Rollover Process

You might be asking how the Gold IRA Rollover really works. When you decide to rollover funds from your IRA account into gold or precious metals, where do you start? In this article, we’ll discuss the actual process that every individual take when they rollover their IRA into gold.

1. Find an IRA Gold Rollover Company

You can ask your existing IRA custodian, adviser or manager if they can help you rollover your account into gold. In particular, you can ask them if they can refer you to a good IRA gold rollover company. If they provided you with several options to choose from — start looking into the feedback, ratings, and reviews of these companies. You can also look over our site, we provided here in our site reviews and ratings of different IRA gold rollover custodians. Be sure to regularly check our feedback and updates on the best IRA Gold Company.

2. Contact the custodian you want to open an account

Call the IRA gold rollover company and ask that you want to open an IRA gold account. They will give you an “account application form” and “transfer form” — in which you need to fill applicable information asked. Make sure to enter accurate information as much as possible to avoid discrepancies, which often lead to lengthy approval or even transfer rejection.

3. Open IRA Gold Rollover Online Account

An easier option is to set-up an “online account”. This usually takes several steps to complete. Make sure to fill all relevant fields and all the requested information. Make sure to read all important information, notes, disclaimers or disclosures. Ask from the IRA rollover specialists if you have questions. Companies like Regal Assets can do the paperwork for you as soon as you complete the account set-up online, even working with your existing custodian. After you set-up your account online, you will still receive several forms for you to sign.

4. Fund your chosen account

You may have to include the signed check with the initial IRA contribution as soon as you send back the new application forms. Make sure to completely fill the transfer account forms, filling in all the necessary information. Purchases often take some time to complete, depending on the IRA Gold Rollover Company – often taking several days to weeks. The transfer happens from your existing custodian to the new custodian which will handle the gold. Expect to receive a statement that will confirm the transfer, this will be your personal record for moving the funds into a new IRA.

5. Selecting Storage Plan

IRA Gold Rollover companies will offer you option where to store gold. Some investors use one plan or a combination of storage of the following:

  • Storing several precious metal coins at home (*read this first)
  • Storing some gold coins in a safety deposit box at a bank or financial institution
  • Storing gold bullions on the IRA gold company’s depository such as the Delaware Depository

These are the basic steps in an IRA gold rollover and can vary depending on the custodian and IRA gold company. However, the question that always beset investors who would like to rollover IRA for the first time — finding the best custodian and the right depository. Make sure to read our reviews for IRA Gold rollover companies if you want to know the most trusted and valuable company in the market.