How to Choose a Gold IRA Rollover Company

There was one time Warren Buffet compared the art of choosing the best investment, on choosing or drafting the best basketball player available. He even say, that he’ll make sure to have LeBron James, considered as the best player today, to be part of his team.

In essence, you would definitely want to choose the best IRA Gold Rollover Company for your investment. In choosing a custodian, you should study the company thoroughly, in the same way a coach study a new player he consider drafting for his team.

After all this is your wealth that we’re talking about and you want to make sure you find the company that is right for you. As much hard work and patience you’ve given to build your wealth, it now require more work– more than ever as you find the best custodian to take care of your gold. In the same manner, you need patience to make sure you don’t lose sight in finding the “gem of a company” where you will put your trust to look after your investment and ultimately take care of your future.

There are several basic characteristics you need to look into in a Gold IRA Rollover Company. As you browse each company, take note of the following traits as you proceed to that important decision on opening an IRA Gold Rollover account.

Accreditation and Licenses

IRA Gold Companies need to be licensed and accredited so you know they can legally operate in their businesses. Choose a custodian that is under licensed from the Internal Revenue Service. Also, the company need to have licenses from the state in which they’re head offices is located.

In addition, check for their memberships from the following precious metals associations:

* Professional Coin Grading Services or PCGS
* Industry Council of Tangible Assets or ICTA
* American Numismatic Association or ANA
* United States Mint

As always, don’t just trust what they say on their website or on what they say in their offices. You can personally check from the government institutions and precious metal associations to see if they support what they’re saying. Check by the institutions website, their e-mail, by calling their phone hotlines or dropping a personal visit to know if the IRA Gold Company’s really a member of the association.

Physical Products

Make sure the company which you’re considering, offers an option for you to buy and deliver physical products — and not just having a storage account. This is one of an important aspect in choosing a Gold IRA Company. Most investors prefer to personally store their gold (or other metals) in their own safety box (at home, office, etc.) than store at the IRA Gold Company’s premises.

Service and Storage Fees

When choosing a custodian, ask about their service and storage fees. Be meticulous on the fees which the company will charge you. As much as possible read and ask every detail, as well as go a step further and ask them of any other fees they still have. Also, ask whether they intend to increase their charges or how often they would increase these charges on a certain period. Ask everything in print or in writing- and then study and compare with other companies.

Customer Support

The customer support is always important in every business, so spend some time to know if the company invests and have this in their priorities. After all, what if you have a question or inquiry regarding your account and it takes them forever to answer your call or your e-mail. Check how they respond in queries and the length of time they answer. The company’s contact information should list a toll free number, an e-mail and a full address

Rating and Feedback

In addition, make sure to check the IRA Gold Rollover company’s ratings and feedback from different consumer watchdog websites. By knowing the score of the company, as well reading comments and feedback, you can very well know how other customers feel about their products and services.

Check the rating and feedback of an IRA Gold Rollover company in the following sites:

*Better Business Bureau
*Business Consumer Alliance


The IRA Gold Company should be able to offer you their other investment options, perhaps the one that will fit your needs. If they have certain restraints and they only suggest certain packages, look for other another company. You may also want to go for an established IRA Gold Rollover company, someone that has been there for an extended period time. Lastly weigh everything into consideration, we can’t emphasize the fact on thorough study and research before you sign anything and issue a check.